Monday, 12 June 2017

Telling time in Pitau 2 - A Human Clock!

What better way to explore clocks than to make a human clock!

But wait...

What do Pitau 2 know about clocks?

These are some of their ideas about clocks...

"Something that ticks," said Savanna

"It goes around and around and it never stops," said Hanlin

"The biggest number on the clock is 12," said Olivia

"Sometimes it has lines on it," said Isabelle

"Some of the numbers on the clock get big," said Emma

 Then we took our ideas about clocks outside to create a human clock.

Students were given the numbers on a clock and began to arrange them onto our clock.

We discovered that the numbers 12, 6, 3, and 9 are opposite one another on a clock.

It was great to see our clock slowly coming together.

We did it!

Finally we showed a variety of times using skipping ropes that
represented the arms on a clock. 

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Telling Time in Pitau 2 - Which takes longer?

Pitau 2 have begun their exploration into the world of time with some crazy challenges that are helping us to develop our understandings about the duration of time. 

Challenge #1 - Tama takes on Harriet in 'Stacking Blocks versus hopping on one foot ten times'

Challenge #2 - Keeahn takes on Pixie in 'Stacking blocks versus hopping on one foot ten times'

Challenge #3 - Olivia.S takes on Briana in 'Counting to 50 versus running around the classroom'

Sunday, 7 May 2017


It has been spectacular to see a carpet of colourful leaves covering our school grounds upon our return to school this week and so we decided to use autumn leaves as inspiration for our learning.

We went on a walk around our school grounds to hunt for the inspiration behind our writing... LEAVES! 

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Welcome to our new blog!

Kia ora everyone! Welcome to our new class blog. Feel free to click 'Follow by email' to the right of this page to receive posts via email